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NJ Registry

New Jersey Professional Development Provider (PDP) System

The New Jersey Approval System is a voluntary system in which instructors and technical assistance specialists in Early Childhood Education, Afterschool, or related fields are approved by Professional Impact NJ. Instructors/trainers are professionals who bring a wide array of experience and skill to the training room. Depending on their educational level and work experience, trainers are approved at one of six levels-Content Specialist, Apprentice Instructor, Associate Instructor or Technical Assistance Specialist, or Master Instructor. This system allows approved instructors to list and rate the courses they teach in the Directory of Instructional Resources, an online database of trainings. To find an instructor or sponsoring agency offering trainings logon to the Online Instructor Approval System Database or contact us directly.

INSTRUCTORS AND CONSULTANTS who are applying to the NJ Registry should go to

  1. Thereafter, you may log into your personal profile at using your full e-mail address and password
  2.  Fully complete your personal profile, send in your documentation, and ensure your “Account Status” is “Active”
  3. Click on “Request Instructor Status” on the left-hand sidebar
  4. Click on the “Instructor Level” for which you are applying
  5.  Follow the links and read Professional Impact NJ’s Core Knowledge and Competencies and NAEYC’s Code of Ethical Conduct
  6.  Click on statement under “Agreement” and hit “Submit”
  7. You will receive an e-mail regarding your Instructor Approval status
  8. Send any missing documentation to:

The NJ Registry
PO Box 718
Union, NJ 07083

Or fax to (973) 926-3897

Attention: Mary

Professionals in fields other than Early Care and Education, Afterschool, or Primary Education may also become approved instructors in their field of expertise (Accounting, First Aid, CPR, etc). They may complete an Application for Consultants in Fields Other Than Early Care and Education, Afterschool, and Primary Education.

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